How To Get Coffee Stains Out Of A Carpet

Coffee. One of the most common beverages to slurp on around the home or office, and also one of the most stain-inducing. Everyone knows that spilt coffee can spell disaster for your soft furnishings, and carpets are no exception. If you’ve just suffered a coffee stain disaster, or simply want to know how to get coffee stains out of a carpet, HECS has you covered with our carpet cleaning top tips.

Before we dive in, there are a few things you might have to consider. No carpet is born equal since they vary by colour, pile, material and condition. A well-worn office carpet is likely to absorb fluids such as coffee differently to your thick luxury shag at home. Keep this in mind as you read on.

Secondly, the most important thing is not to immediately reach for the first cleaning product that comes to hand. Cleaning products vary by their application, and too many panicky people have reached for the super-strength cleaners that end up damaging the carpet or worse, bleaching the stained area and making an even more noticeable mess. The carpet cleaning tools you have in your arsenal may be much simpler than you think… so put down the washing up liquid.


Getting Coffee Stains Out Of Carpet – First Aid

So the java has hit the fan… or carpet. Your chances of getting a coffee stain out of a carpet largely hinge on what you do immediately after the spill. The worst thing you can do is nothing.

Too many people either don’t notice, try to hide the problem or just shrug and call it a day. Getting rid of a coffee stain on carpet is much more likely to succeed if you act quickly – before the fluid has a chance to dry.

Your first priority should be to remove as much liquid as possible. Paper towels are your friend – grab a roll and press down firmly on the wet stain, swapping your towel as soon as you’ve absorbed enough liquid that the paper becomes wet. Keep blotting with fresh paper towels until you’re no longer sucking up liquid.

The stain might now feel dry, but there’s still coffee trapped in the fibres of the carpet, which is why there’s still a stain. Coffee stains on carpet contain dried material, so the next step will be to keep absorbing.



Coffee Stains On Carpet – Warm Water To The Rescue

Good, old fashioned water is your next most powerful tool to remove a coffee stain from carpet. It may sound counter-productive, but re-wetting the area you just blotted will help dilute the stain, loosening the dry coffee material and allowing you to keep on absorbing.

The trick is to apply warm water using a spray bottle or a soft damp cloth. Avoid pouring water directly on the carpet – this will just cause the dry coffee material to sink further into the pile and make it harder to remove. Once the stain is dampened again, use paper towels or carry on blotting, removing a little bit more coffee with each towel. If the liquid on your towel is brown you know you’re getting the coffee stain out of the carpet.

Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet Naturally By Being Patient

One massive mistake people make when trying to remove coffee stains from carpet is by rushing. Scrubbing hard with a cloth or paper towels will damage the carpet fibres and drive the stain even further into the material. Be patient and gentle, carefully wetting and blotting for several minutes or until your paper towels no longer pick up any coffee material.



Now it’s time to examine the carpet. Allow the area to fully dry and see how much of the stain remains. Gently brush the dry carpet with your hand. If possible, run a vaccum cleaner over the affected area. This will help remove the very last of the dry coffee material – but sometimes this won’t be enough.

If you still see a stain, coffee colour has fully absorbed into the carpet fibres and dyed them brown (this is more likely to happen with carpets made from natural fibres like wool). Now you’re ready to reach for the big guns.

Using Carpet Cleaner to Remove Carpet Stains

You’ve gotten as much of the coffee out of the carpet as possible but there’s still noticeable discolouration. A consumer-grade carpet cleaner is now your best bet to restore your carpet to pre-cappuccino contact days.

The reason why you must not jump straight to using a cleaner is that if too much coffee is still in the carpet, you can end up pushing the material to the surrounding areas and making the stain bigger. Carpet cleaners are designed to penetrate deep into the fibres of the carpet, removing stains on a micro-level. If there’s too much coffee still on the surface of the carpet, you’re wasting your time – which is why the first steps are so important. Blot, wet, repeat.



Once you’re sure it’s time for chemical warfare, select your product of choice and do what it says on the tin; TEST the product on a hidden area of carpet first! Never go gung-ho with a bottle of cleaner – a patch test can save you from having an even worse bleach stain on a visible part of your floor.

Once you’re sure the product you’ve chosen won’t damage your carpet, gently apply the solution according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Again, never scrub – most products work on the principle of oxidization – let the chemical reaction do the work. Gently absorb the remaining product and allow to dry. If the stain persists you may need to administer the product again.

How To Remove Coffee Stains From Carpet When All Else Fails

If you’ve tried the above method and still have a stain problem, then you may have to consult a pro. Professional carpet cleaners use specialised tools to remove coffee stains on carpet while still protecting the carpet’s texture and appearance. If your stain is still very noticeable and you’ve tried everything, getting a local cleaner to take a quick look may be your best bet.

Horne’s Elite Cleaning Services specialise in commercial cleaning including carpet cleaning using the best industrial-level equipment. We specialise in offices, hotels, venues and retail spaces, helping to remove stubborn stains no matter where they occur (and you wouldn’t believe how often they occur. Put a lid on your beverage, folks.)

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